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A cookie is a small text file that is placed on the hard drive of your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. The cookie is placed on your device by the website itself ("first party cookies") or by partners of the website ("third party cookies"). The cookie recognizes your device by means of a unique identification number when you return to the website and collects information about your browsing behavior.

There are different types of cookies. We distinguish the following cookies according to their purposes: there are essential or strictly necessary cookies and non-essential cookies (functional, analytical and targeting cookies).

Purpose and utility of cookies

By visiting the website, you can agree to the placement of cookies. Cookies help DRIES VAN NOTEN to optimize your visit to the website and to provide you with an optimal user experience. However, you are free to delete or restrict cookies at any time by changing your browser settings (see "Managing cookies").

Disabling cookies may affect the functioning of the website. Some functions of the site may be restricted or inaccessible. If you decide to disable cookies, we cannot guarantee you a smooth and optimal visit to our website.

Types of cookies used by DRIES VAN NOTEN

We distinguish the following types of cookies:

On the one hand we use our own cookies (‘first party cookies’) and on the other hand we use cookies from carefully selected partners with whom we work (‘third party cookies’).

First Party Cookies:

Domain name:

Name cookie Type of cookie Storage period
_ab Functional 2 years
_orig_referrer Functional 14 days
_secure_session_id Functional 1 day
Cart Functional 14 days
cart_sig Functional 14 days
cart_ts Functional 14 days
checkout_token Functional 1 year
Secure_customer_sig Functional 20 years
storefront_digest Functional Session duration
_shopify_u Functional 1 minute
__cfduid Functional 30 days
_landing_page Analytical 14 days
_orig_referrer Analytical 14 days
_s Analytical 30 minutes
_shopify_fs Analytical 720 days
_shopify_s Analytical 1 hour
_shopify_sa_p Analytical 1 hour
_shopify_sa_t Analytical 1 hour
_shopify_y Analytical 1 year
_y Analytical 1 year
tracked_start_checkout Analytical 1 year

Third Party Cookies:

Domain name:

Name cookie Type of cookie Storage period
AWSALB Functional 1 week
AWSALBCORS Functional 1 week
remember_client Functional 365 dagen
PHPSESSID Functional 1 maand
_client_acloggedin Functional Tot 1 januari 2025
_acloggedin Functional Tot 1 januari 2025
TZ Functional Persistent
algoliasearch-client-js Functional Persistent

Domain name:

Name cookie Type of cookie Storage period Analytical Persistent

Managing the cookies

Make sure cookies are enabled in your web browser. If you want to consult the website of DRIES VAN NOTEN, we advise you to enable cookies. However, you are free to disable cookies via your browser settings if you prefer.

To enable or disable cookies, you must change your browser settings (via the “Preferences” of “Options” tab). The following links provide more information on how to manage cookies. You can also consult your browser’s “Help” tab.

Visitor’s rights

Since cookies may constitute a processing of personal data, as a data subject you have the right to the lawful and safe processing of personal data. You can find more information about how we collect and process your personal data, as well as about your rights, in our Privacy Statement


If you still have questions or comments regarding cookies after reading our Cookie Policy, you can always contact us via

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